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Forensic Neuropsychologist Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Forensic Neuropsychological Evaluations & Consultation


In civil cases of personal injury with known or suspected cognitive problems, Dr. Blegen will complete a forensic neuropsychological evaluation.  Dr. Blegen also has experience with testamentary capacity and guardianship evaluation.  Essential components of a typical forensic neuropsychological assessment will include detailed review of collateral sources of information, comprehensive interview, assessment of response bias and malingering, and norm-based neuropsychological testing.


Essentially, a forensic neuropsychological evaluation consists of utilizing a variety of techniques for determining and then documenting an individual’s neuropsychological status.  Once the evaluation is complete, Dr. Blegen may be asked to provide testimony in a deposition or a court.


Dr. Blegen provides forensic neuropsychological evaluations in South Dakota.  Dr. Blegen only carries out evaluations of persons age 18-years-old or older per request of counsel (e.g., for the defendant, plaintiff, or person in need of protection).


Alternatively, Dr. Blegen will provide consultation to counsel for a forensic case.  The counsel may ask Dr. Blegen to review records, review a neuropsychology report or other testing, discuss diagnosis and symptoms, or discuss how a neuropsychological examination might impact the case.

Dr. Blegen does not use graduate students, technicians, or administration assistants to do the work.  Dr. Blegen conducts all testing and evaluation services, including communications with counsel.


Dr. Blegen makes every effort only to accept cases for which Dr. Blegen's services are relevant and not conflicting (e.g., no previous or current clients).


There is no guarantee that Dr. Blegen’s conclusions will be favorable to the retaining party.

See above Fee Schedule for evaluation fees, location of services, payment and cancellation policy.

See above Contact to submit an inquiry (by legal counsel only).

Meet Dr. Blegen

Specialties & Experience

General Specialties: Neuropsychology and clinical psychology

Specialty Focus: Adult and geriatric, dementia, TBI, concussion, neurologic disorders, capacity, toxic exposure, personal injury, work-related injury, disability, plaintiff and defense, memory evaluations, malingering / validity testing, consultation.

Additional Information: Dr. Blegen is a board-certified clinical neuropsychologist. Dr. Blegen offers expert forensic neuropsychological evaluations as part of her private practice, which she has been in since 2015.

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